Promotion of Family Health Association

PFHA is a Non-Profit Association that promotes and provides Reproductive Health Services through 52 Associated Clinics, 4 Mobile Clinics and 1 Static Clinic. Alongside this, PFHA also provides health education sessions in more than 250 remote communities. Donations will be used to purchase COVID-19 prevention equipment for health facilities and communities, including thermometers, PPE, rubbing alcohol, masks and hand gel. The average cost is expected to be USD 30,000.

Account Name: Promotion of Family Health Association
Account Number: 010120100335171001
Bank name: Banque Pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao (BCEL)
Bank Address: No 1 Pangkham Street, Vientiane, Lao PDR, PO Box 2925
Recipient Address: House No. 243 Unit 18, Thatluang Neua Village, Saysettha District, Vientiane, LAO PDR
Tel: (85621) 413261

Cambodian Community Dream Organization

Cambodian Community Dream Organization - In addition to its usual work on education, water access and hygiene and sanitation, CCDO has also pivoted towards COVID-19 relief. Their teachers have been going into the community to educate small groups since school has been cancelled until 1 November. CCDO is also providing food for schoolchildren who usually receive breakfast at school, provided through a CCDO program. Donations will go towards their schooling and meals. It will also go towards the distribution of masks and soap in villages, as well as education about health, hygiene and social distancing in villages. The website offers an option to donate specifically to COVID-relief.

The Women's League of Burma

The Women’s League of Burma (WLB) is calling for approximately 76,000 USD to support its member organisations based in remote parts of the Karen, Shan, Karenni and Kachin States, as well as the Magwean, Tanintharyi, Sa and Sittwe regions. Some of their member organisations work to support women and internally displaced persons (IDP) fleeing civil war and conflict within Myanmar. The WLB’s member organizations support prevention and protection activities through a gendered lens. WLB is supporting communities through its member organizations, which are providing humanitarian relief in response to the COVID-19 crisis, including food, water, masks, hand sanitizers and clothing. They are also supporting the safe distribution of video clips, radio broadcasts, posters and booklets raising awareness about the virus. They will provide a report on how donations have been used by the end of the year. Donations can be made through the bank account below:

Account Name: Mrs. Parichart Namchaitospon
Account Number: 390-441456-6
Bank name: Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited
Branch name: Pratuchangphuak Branch
Bank Address: 125 T. Sripoom, Chang Phuak Road, Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand 50200
Recipient Address: No. 200/106, Soi 9
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50300


HOME provides shelter to domestic workers who are in distress alongside financial assistance to all migrant workers in need of urgent medical care, as well as food, transport and communication. HOME also offers legal assistance, health education and vocational training to workers. They have been supporting migrant workers before the pandemic and continue to do so during these times of crisis.


Hagar restores to wholeness the lives of women and children in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam that have been torn apart by human rights abuse. With a focus on human trafficking, slavery and abuse, they support the recovery and reintegration of abuse survivors and educate communities on how to recognise, prevent and respond to abuse and trafficking. Donations go towards training, legal support, and other services for survivors and communities.


Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Give2Asia is an international nonprofit that serves as a strategic partner and ally working on the ground in more than 23 countries across the Asia Pacific. Give2Asia is facilitating donations to all 23 locations where they operate and is also working on building nonprofit capacity to prepare health workers and communities to fight present and future epidemics. Its current funding priorities include supporting frontline health workers and national public health priorities.

Mercy Relief

Mercy Relief is a Singapore-based regional NGO that works with partners across 25 countries to deliver aid in humanitarian emergencies. They have extensive experience working to provide education programmes, water and sanitation and aid, and their aid targets both short-term emergency needs and long-term capability building. Current donations go towards helping vulnerable communities in neighbouring countries combat COVID-19 and supporting Singaporeans and frontline healthcare workers.


AidHubSG is a very comprehensive aggregator of initiatives to donate/volunteer in Singapore. Use this database to filter initiatives by category or type of aid you wish to contribute.

TransientWorkersCount2 (TWC2) Fundraiser

Transient Workers Count Too extends help to low-wage migrant workers who have been injured, unpaid, or abused by employers. They have been active in supporting migrant workers during the pandemic. There are various fundraisers for TWC2 listed on this page. The money provided will go towards helping them provide food, medical support, and other living expenses for migrant workers who have lost jobs and are stuck in limbo.

YMCA Wok the Talk Project

YMCA has organised a 3-in-1 programme that helps several groups at once. Donations go towards the provision of meals and groceries for migrant workers, the elderly and underprivileged youth, prepared by hawkers and delivered by private-hire drivers. The programme thus supports both the patrons who are most at risk from the virus and the service providers who have been experiencing a decline in patronage and income during the pandemic.

NGO Emergency Fund

This is a fundraiser by Malaysia’s NGO Hub that aims to raise 57,000 USD to support needy families across Malaysia by distributing collected funds to NGOs across the country. The names of the NGOs that have received donations and the number of beneficiaries per NGO are listed. The first 23,000 USD has helped 866 families, 381 children, 122 elderly and 60 HIV patients. Donations go towards supplies for the beneficiaries and other operation costs for the NGOs.

SESO Malaysia

SESO is a food waste and food poverty-focused charity that delivers food to vulnerable people, including the homeless and refugees. Between 20 and 26 April, they distributed 5633 kg of food to 72 refugee families, 5 charity homes, 28 families in Kuantan, 300 homeless beneficiaries and 130 vulnerable families. You can volunteer with them or donate; if you’re a brand or company, you can also sponsor a product. They operate mainly in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Kuantan.


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Regional Relief has done its best to list charities that are credible. These charities are, to the best of our knowledge, using donations to help people in need during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Based on our current knowledge, it is unlikely that donations will be mismanaged and we have sought to be as transparent as possible with our reasons for selecting the charities that we list. 


We do recommend that all prospective donors look up these charities online to obtain as much information as they need to make an informed decision on whether to donate. All donors choose to donate to charities of their choice and on their own volition.  


We do not assume responsibility for any mismanagement of donations by the charities themselves as we do not handle any of the donations ourselves and are in no formal contractual relationship with any of these organisations. All donations go directly from donors to the listed organisations. 


If you do come across any irregularity with any of our listed charities, we ask that you please notify us. We will de-list the charity concerned and investigate the matter.

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