NGO Emergency Fund

This is a fundraiser by Malaysia’s NGO Hub that aims to raise 57,000 USD to support needy families across Malaysia by distributing collected funds to NGOs across the country. The names of the NGOs that have received donations and the number of beneficiaries per NGO are listed. The first 23,000 USD has helped 866 families, 381 children, 122 elderly and 60 HIV patients. Donations go towards supplies for the beneficiaries and other operation costs for the NGOs.


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Regional Relief has done its best to list charities that are credible. These charities are, to the best of our knowledge, using donations to help people in need during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Based on our current knowledge, it is unlikely that donations will be mismanaged and we have sought to be as transparent as possible with our reasons for selecting the charities that we list. 


We do recommend that all prospective donors look up these charities online to obtain as much information as they need to make an informed decision on whether to donate. All donors choose to donate to charities of their choice and on their own volition.  


We do not assume responsibility for any mismanagement of donations by the charities themselves as we do not handle any of the donations ourselves and are in no formal contractual relationship with any of these organisations. All donations go directly from donors to the listed organisations. 


If you do come across any irregularity with any of our listed charities, we ask that you please notify us. We will de-list the charity concerned and investigate the matter.

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